Oh What a Weekend! (originally Posted 4/20/09)

041809Chicken6a OK, so this weekend I smoked (5) seven pound roasting chickens, 1 ring of home made kielbasa, 1 ring of Italian sausage, 1 pound chicken livers and a piece of steelhead trout. Everything is outstanding!

 Along with that I cut the grass, got the camper out of the yard and back in storage, washed more dishes than I care to remember, planted seeds and o h, I made some boomerangs!

 Weekend tally is 3 Smees and 3 polycarb Beagles, 2 Glover copies, 2 Herb Smith Falcons, a 5mm Sussex Hook, a Smith Mt Fuji and two Boomerang Fan omegas. I am struggling a bit with shaping. I Was without my belt sander all of last year and lost the feel for making airfoils that way. As I make more it will come back. I need to smooth out the Smees I made. The airfoils are a bit cruder than I am used to. These were the first ones I made this year and maybe I wasn’t doing them as nice as I want. The rest of the booms look much better.

I actually got to test some of the boomerangs too. The Smees and Beagles worked great as did one Glover copy. The two Herb Smith Falcons sort of worked but not as well as I expected. They need a very vertical throw, but then come to a screeching halt about 10 feet short. I did a bit of airfoil modification, particularly on the wing tips. Next round of testing will tell. The only other rang was another Glover copy. I think I made it in a different thickness than Bill so that may be the problem. I’ll take those back out along with the Sussex Hook, Mt Fuji and Boomerang Fan omegas. I expect these all to work fine but they give me more reason to retest the booms I modified.

 My guess is that I made about 20 throws Sunday. I know that is just a warmup for some people but after not throwing in 4 months, It was probably as much as I needed. My right calf was sore from pushing the camper Saturday so throwing wasn’t that much fun. I should mention the bad throw of a polycarb Beagle. I laid it out too much and it went high, then headed down right at me. I didn’t know where to go and fortunately ducked in time. I might have been wearing a 3/16 polycarb boom in my face otherwise.

By boomerangdave

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