Spring is here (originally posted 4/16/2009)

As the temperatures start creeping up and the spring flowers are blooming, I start to wonder when I’ll finally get a chance to throw. I have spent a lot of time fixing up the outside of the garage and certainly need to spend sometime inside it too. I also have some work to do on the kitchen ceiling, repairing/replacing where it was damaged by plumbing problems. But the honey do list is getting shorter and I still may be able to get to a field during lunch after my current assignment is done and I am at the home office more.

I checked what boomerangs I have received since last was out to throw in early December. I was surprised to find so many.
Right now it looks like:
3 Aussie traditionals (supposed to work)
7 boomerangs made by David Fantone (3 plywood, 3 aluminum and 1 polycarb)
5 by Bill Glover

2 Bruce Bernstein
1 by Tom Risher
1 by Bob Burwell
1 by Russ Feubach

On top of that I have 4 coming from Brazil and 1 from Argentina.
When those arrive I can see my first session testing is going to wear me out.

On the boom building front I have been a little active. I had close to 30 boomerangs made back in November that were finally tested before I stopped throwing in December. Gradually I did some decorating of them, and I have posted previously about those. In the last two weeks I have managed to get some others primered and painted. I’ll post a photo of the 14 I finished. These are now ready to sell or trade. I remember about 6 more that are ready to paint, it’s just I haven’t figured out how I want to paint them. with those ready to go I can start concentrating on some of the 90 or so blanks I found while cleaning up. Who knows, in another month or so I may be over run with boomerangs.

By boomerangdave

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